"Rebecca's passion for fresh, delicious food and her joy in sharing it with others is the secret sauce in everything she makes.  She loves to collaborate to make sure that the menu reflects your own vision and dietary needs, and then adds her own creative flair to make meals memorable.  The results are dishes that delight and food that nourishes the soul."  –– Lili, Portland

Rebecca will be a good personal chef. The first reason she would be outstanding is because she is a wonderful person; second of all, she is an amazing cook, (which I have said, multiple times) and third of all, well, you will not regret getting to know her. You may be thinking, why should I take advice from a seventh grader? What do they know? Well we know, that she is a heck of a good cook. We know because we met her, we ate her food and we know that she would be a really great personal chef. You would be missing out on a lot of really good, healthy food and you will not regret hiring her. Please take my advice into consideration and know, she is a really good cook." -- Annie, 7th Grade Rippleffect Participant

"I have worked with Rebecca professionally and have witnessed firsthand her unique ability to exude her compassion and love into her meals. As Head Chef for Rippleffect (an outdoor learning program)  Rebecca had to feed upwards of 120 staff and campers as well as prep individual meal plans for expedition groups, all with diverse dietary needs, With this immense responsibility, Rebecca handled it all with ease and confidence. She was always available for a meal clarification and a kind word. Her dedication to creating a meaningful meal experience was admirable and it was clear that this is not only Rebecca's profession but her calling." -- Kelsey, Portland

"Rebecca celebrates health and creativity in her cooking. She brings restaurant quality taste and homey goodness into every meal. Whenever I eat Rebecca's cooking it's like an old friend has made a meal just for me with love, care, and consideration for what she knows I love or something new she wants me to try. If you want a personal chef with personality, Rebecca is IT!"  –– Catherine, Portland

"Some of the food she cooked I would have never tried at home because I am a picky eater, but some of these meals ended up being one of my favorite meals. She gave me some pasta with a special sauce containing homemade tomatoes. Normally I don't even like tomatoes, but in this dish they tasted amazing. Rebecca ensures that nobody goes without a good long lasting meal. Rebecca is a great chef because she makes tremendous food, she fits all dietary needs, and lastly she is super nice. Whenever we say hi she always smiles. Finally, she always explains the next meal with a smile on her face." -- Caleigh, 7th Grade Rippleffect Participant

"Rebecca is as inviting as her heartfelt meals. Healthful, delicious food is what she loves to cook and that comes through in every meal she makes. Rebecca cares deeply about ensuring every aspect of what she prepares is of top quality, with your needs always coming first. I wish she could cook for me everyday!" –– Liz, Portland

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