Meet Chef Rebecca


Coast to Coast

Growing up in California, my palate was moulded by the vibrant culinary cultures of the Pacific Rim: The rich, earthy and saline flavors of East Asia; the succulent, spicy and bright food of Mexico and Central America; and the sweet, colorful produce of the island nations.

February 2017, I left the redwood groves of Northern California to frolic along the shores of Casco Bay. I served as sea kayak guide and as Island Chef at Rippleffect. April 2018, I was promoted to Executive Chef and Food Service Manager and ran the kitchen on their Cow Island campus

I am overjoyed to bring my Western flair to Maine and to share my cooking traditions with you!


California Style

I had the honor of honing my craft in the renowned culinary scene of California's Wine Country. Every meal was a celebration of locally harvested ingredients, inspired by Tuscan sensibilities and the lush bounty of the Mediterranean.

I was afforded the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of dining experiences, seeing events unfold from planning to finish. 

I worked for catering companies, such as SAGE and Preferred Sonoma Caterers, the acclaimed restaurant Valette, for Enjoy Events Co., and Shotgun Floral Studio. 


Healing Meals

Growing up in a macrobiotic and vegan household, I was exposed to a variety of healthful ingredients and developed an appreciation for the positive impact food can have on your health, the health of your community, 

and the health of the planet.

I first came to New England to attend Smith College, where I participated in the Environmental Studies Concentration in Food and Sustainability. My topic was Conscious Culinary Practices: Building Community Through Food and Agriculture. I was able to design my course load around Youth Development and Education, Sustainable Farming Practices and Engineering, as well as the Culinary Arts. 

Having graduated, I returned to California, where I served as Youth Development Coordinator at the non-profit Ceres Community Project. Our mission was to empower our teens who volunteered in our kitchens and gardens, preparing free and healing meals for cancer patients and their families. It was a beautiful demonstration of the restorative power of healthful food, not only to nourish our clients, and also to foster community wellness.